The Grizzly Torque – Celebrating 70 Years of Land Rover

In 1957, Robert Bateman and Bristol Foster took a journey around the world with nothing other than a sense of curiosity for the unknown and a Land Rover. The "Grizzly Torque" took the two Canadians to 19 countries on 4 different continents for an unforgettable 14-month long journey. 61 years later, Bateman and Foster relive their experience and the many emotions that came along with their Above and Beyond expedition.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 19MY - InControl Touch Pro: Parking Aids

The vehicle incorporates a parking aid system that operates in conjunction with the vehicle’s cameras, and gives a 360 degree, detailed view of the vehicle’s surrounding area and any obstacles in the vehicle’s pathway, when parking. Warnings are sent to the driver in the form of images on the touch screen and audio alerts via the vehicle’s speakers.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 19MY - InControl Touch Pro Navigation - Entering a destination

The navigation system provides premium navigation using the full colour Touch-screen. The navigation system will offer the facility to enter an address by selecting Spell City or Enter Post Code.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 19MY - InControl Touch Pro: Media System

The vehicle's state-of-the-art multimedia system incorporates a multi-functional touch screen and rear screens that enable you and your passengers to stay connected and to enjoy the full benefits of the connected vehicle experience.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 19MY - InControl Touch Pro Connectivity

InControl Touch Pro Connectivity uses an external roof-mounted antenna for reliable connection to the strongest possible mobile and data signal, while on the move. The powerful, high-speed 3G connection allows up to eight devices to be connected wirelessly, within the vehicle. This feature requires a connection to be made, either via a Wi-Fi network or a mobile network.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 19MY - InControl Touch Pro: Bluetooth Phone Pairing EN

This video will show you how to use a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone hands-free. All you have to do is pair your phone with the vehicle.

Discovering Donegal with Monty Halls – The Wild Atlantic Way

Exploring Donegal, Ireland by land and sea, the Halls family use the Land Discovery to launch a nautical adventure where they have an incredible encounter they’ll never forget.

Discovering Donegal with Monty Halls - The Realm of the Senses

Monty Halls’ family explore Donegal, Ireland in the Land Rover Discovery, traversing its fascinating landscape on their search for an unforgettable family adventure.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 19MY - Gesture Tailgate

The vehicle’s powered tailgate incorporates gesture-based technology, which allows automatic opening, or closing of the powered tailgate.

Discovery 19MY - Powered Seats

This video will show you how to use the powered seats to access the second and third row.